COVID-19 Information

Last updated 09/02/21 

Further information regarding COVID-19 vaccination will updated as soon as we have further information from the HSE.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Close contacts will be contacted by the HSE contact tracing service - please be patient while you await their call. If you have not received a call you can contact the HSE COVID 19 Helpline on 1850 24 1850

Close contacts are advised to restrict movements for 14 days after last contact with confirmed case. Public health will be in contact to arrange testing if required.

If you are concerned that you have symptoms of coronavirus please contact reception to arrange telephone consultation.
Symptoms include
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of change in taste or smell

If you have any of these symptoms please discuss this with a doctor. This consultation is free of charge. It is important that you self-isolate immediately while you wait for a doctor to contact you. 

After the doctor refers you please continue to follow HSE guidance for self-isolation until you receive communication from public health doctors who will arrange a test.

If you are feeling very unwell please let our doctors know and they can arrange for you to be seen in a Community Assessment Hub. Our closest hub is in DCU. 

Your household contacts are asked to restrict their movements if you are awaiting test results.

Please click here for self isolation information as per HSE guidance.

If you are unsure about isolation guidance, the HPSC has created isolation quick guides as below:

Isolation quick guide - applying to those aged greater than 3 months and up to 13th birthday

Isolation quick guide - Adults and children from their 13th birthday

Self Isolate 1     Self Isolate 2     Self Isolate 3

If you have been referred for a test you will receive your test time and location by text message. 

Patients will receive their COVID-19 test results within 3 days. 

If you have a negative test result you will receive a text message. 

If you have a positive test result you will be contacted by the public health team who will organise urgent contact tracing and will provide you with information on self isolation and advice for your household contacts.

If your test result is delayed please click here to see link for form to complete.


Patients who are close contacts of confirmed cases will be contacted by public health through contact tracing. Public health doctors will arrange testing for these patients.  

Step Up


If you are concerned about your risk of coronavirus, the HSE has created an information page for guidance on whether you are considered high risk or extremely vulnerable. This page includes guidance on return to work for these groups also. This information is available to the general public including employers.  Please contact your employer/occupational health department to discuss return to work as they should have policies regarding safe return to work for all employees including those who are deemed to be high risk or extremely vulnerable.

If you require a note for return to creche/school following a period of absence please see the following HSE template for parental declaration. We will not be providing letters for this purpose. Please click here to download template.

If someone has returned from non-essential travel from a non green list country they will be advised to self-isolate for 14 days. 

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